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Torque Tools

Torque tools for Safe Bolting

There is no cutting corners when it comes to safety. That’s why you should always use the correct tools for the job. For critical bolting applications where safety and accuracy are paramount we are able to supply the best possible torque tools on the market.

Why use torque tools?

Controlled bolting creates safe, accurate and repeatable results. Our torque tools are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety and accuracy, exceeding the greatest demands in the industry. When bolting, there are numerous variables that can come into to play and affect proper bolt load. Using torque tools eliminates major variables and minimizes smaller variables that come into play when bolting.

Safety – Controlled bolting replaces previous methods of bolting, such as impact wrenches, slugging wrenches and cheater bars, which utilize the weight of the operator to apply more force. With the use of torque wrenches, no human force is required.

Accuracy – Controlled bolting ensures correct tightening of the joint, by putting forth a particular specified torque value. Torque is increased or decreased incrementally to exacting standards.

Repeatability – Controlled bolting provides accurate torque on each fastener consistently and evenly, ensuring that all bolts are loaded equally.

Speed – Controlled bolting is a lot quicker than the previous ways of bolting. So not only are you working safely, you are also faster.

Have a look at the tools we have available for you by clicking on of the categories below. If you require help, get in touch with us and we’ll help you select the right tools for the job.