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Ram-Type BOP ‘s

Drilling Pressure Control Ram Type BOP ‘s

Ram-Type BOP ‘s

Control wellbore pressure

Ram-Type BOP ‘s are used in drilling operations and are designed to close the well and protect personnel and equipment by stopping and/or redirecting unexpected kick of oil, gas or formation water from the wellbore. Ram-Type BOP ‘s seals the Annulus around drill pipe, casing, tubing or the complete hole when tubulars are out of hole and directing the drilling fluid from the wellbore to the mud tanks in order to relieve well pressure.

All our Ram-Type BOP equipment meet the latest API 16A requirements and customer specifications and can be dressed for Standard or Sour Service application in a single or double configuration.

To drill a well safely and with confidence you need reliable BOPs. Dosco provides Ram-type BOPs that can control wellbore pressure and whenever needed provide you with the ability to shear off tubulars in the wellbore and seal the well.

Range of equipment

  • Sizes 7 1/16” – 20 3/4”
  • With various pressure ratings

RAM-type BOP

Ready to assist

Our pressure control professionals are ready to assist you with the selection of equipment that suits your operations.

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