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Hammer services

Drilling Hammer Services

Installing conductor casing with hammer services

We work with Hydrohammer Technology to hammer in the very first casing. We have installed conductor casing for more than 1000 wells, onshore and offshore.

When conductor casing needs to be installed, powerful and reliable tools are required to deliver the amount of driving energy. We use the IHC Hydrohammer and have specialized in installing conductor casing, onshore or offshore. Due to the anvil design, sleeves can be adjusted to suit any casing diameter.

Advantages of installing conductor casing by hammering

  • Setting depth to 40-50 m
  • Short operation time
  • Protection of the underground fresh water sources
  • Increased drilling rig stability

Besides the use in the Oil & Gas industry, Hydrohammers can also be used in a wide range of other onshore applications. Due to the innovative technology the Hydrohammers has been found highly applicable also on coastal / civil constructions and renewable energies sector for building wind turbines which must withstand adverse weather conditions and often their foundations are placed on unstable ground.

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IHC Hydrohammer

IHC Hydrohammer’s unique design makes it suitable for all types of piling and foundation works, both leader guided or freehanging. With regards to this, all kinds of profiles can be driven like sheetpiles, H-beams, MV-piles, tubular piles and so called combi piles whereby different steel profiles are connected by slots.

Hydrohammers are for example often used for foundation building activities for container terminals, bridges, viaducts and jetty and mooring posts. Recently, interest has primarily increased with regard to the hammer rock breaker combination for the dredging industry.

Due to urbanization there are more buildings, less space and there is more environmental legislation. Larger, higher and unconventional structures require more complex foundations. It is in our Hydrohammer’s nature to test the limits. That is what makes the impossible possible.

Dosco’s Hammer Division owns S70 and S90 IHC Hydro Hammers which are capable of installing casing from 16” to 36” OD down to even 50-60m. We are not limited to this figures and are able to supply on customer demand onshore/offshore services of pile driving.

Hammer Technical Data
S-70 S-90
Max. blow energy on the pile 70 kNm 90 kNm
Min. blow energy on the pile 7 kNm 9 kNm
Blowrate at max. blow energy (1) 50 bl/min 46 bl/min
Oil flow 220 l/min 220 l/min
Weights & Dimensions
Ram 3.5 ton 4.5 ton
Hammer with ram in air (2, 3) 8.3 ton 9.7 ton
Hammer length 7400 mm 8055 mm
Powerpack Type
Type P-220 P-220

  1. When using recommended power pack
  2. Hammer weight without anvil/pile cap and pile sheets
  3. Sleeve and anvil dimensions and weight depend on application. Information on request.
  4. Transport length