Quality & Safety

Quality and Safety is our foremost pledge to our customers

Dedicated to safety

At Dosco we are dedicated to deliver quality tools and world class service in the safest manner possible. Our quality management system promotes a philosophy that is focussed on a proactive attitude towards progression and innovation and we try doing so incident free.

Dosco Certification

Our Quality Management System is accredited and certified to international standards. Since 2004 Dosco maintains the quality system ISO 9001, the environmental management system ISO 14001 and the Occupational Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001 for the following scope: Oilfield equipment rentals, sales and services (inspection & repairs).

Meet & Exceed

Our policies and actions are set in place to make sure all of our tools and services meet and exceed Dosco’s and customer specifications.

More about our policies

Safety first

We have incorporated Health, Safety and Environment deep within the core of our company’s policies and actions. Everything we do is with a Safety First mentality. Our focus on education and training makes sure our staff understands the importance of working safe.

Becoming green

In 2019 we have installed a pv system on the rooftops of our base in Floresti to kickstart into a sustainable future. A future where we are self-sufficient and our environmental footprint is reduced as much as possible. Through our pv system we are able to harvest solar energy for the daily electrical energy supply in our operations facilities.

For the future

Dosco is always looking towards the future. We have cooperations with the Oil & Gas university UPG Ploiesti and we carry the Erasmus program for students. Not only do we support the UPG, we also look to hire new graduates to have a healthy balance between experience and young talent.