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Open-hole & Cased-hole Fishing

Well intervention Fishing Services Open-hole & Cased-hole Fishing

Open-hole Fishing

Pick up drilling operations

Dosco’s Fishing division is set to minimize your deferred production. We’ll send out our specialists to clear any obstructions from your open-hole system while maintaining the integrity of the wellbore. No challenge is big enough for our fishermen. They will confidently fish any lost tubulars, drilling tools or bottom-hole assemblies from you open-hole system.

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Cased-hole Fishing

Carry on where you left off

Dosco’s vast array of fishing systems and tools in the hands of our expert fishermen remove wellbore obstruction safely and efficiently. We have a large line of fishing, milling, cutting, specialty tools and techniques that make sure you can continue operations, reducing your cost associated with wellbore problems.

Our fishermen will face any challenge they will find in your cased-hole system.

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