Personal Cooling

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Why Personal Cooling is important

Health related syndromes can pose a real risk for you health. Your body needs to regulate the heat gain from the environment to maintain a normal core temperature of approximately 37 °C (98.6 F). To stay around that temperature your body has developed different methods to deal with cold and warm temperatures.

In hot weather, the body cools itself mainly by sweating. However, when you exercise or work in hot, humid weather, your body is less able to cool itself efficiently. The harder it is to cool off, the easier it is to suffer from heat related syndromes. Your body may develop heat cramps. Untreated, heat cramps lead to heat exhaustion and eventually heatstroke, which is life threatening.

Personal Cooling products to help your body

The INUTEQ product line was developed to help your body stay cool when it’s experiencing serious heat. Numerous companies have seen the benefits for employees to wear personal cooling products during work activities in hot and humid weather conditions. It’s easy to use and the felt impact of heat and fatigue levels drastically decrease.