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Bodycool Safety Vest

Bodycool Safety Vest

The Bodycool Safety Vest is an evaporative cooling vest with high visibility for maximum safety.

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Bodycool Safety Vest

Bodycool Safety vest is an evaporative cooling vest with high visibility for maximum safety. Our ISO20471 Class2 certificated / ANSI compliant cooling vest offers optimal cooling for professionals in the field. The Bodycool safety vest comes in Fluor Yellow and Fluor Orange. This product performs best in low to medium-humidity. A perfect way to stay cool at work without losing visibility.

Features of the Safety Vest

  • Incorporates a unique cooling technology
  • Machine washable and has antibacterial properties
  • Easy to use and re-use
  • Lightweight, non-toxic and durable
  • Provides up to 15ºC / 59F cooling relief below ambient temperature
  • Offers up to 8 hours of cooling comfort
  • CE-marked

Activation of the Safety vest

Activation is easy: just soak in water for max. 2 minutes and gently squeeze out excess water. The safety vest is now ready to wear, instantly creating evaporative cooling for up to 8 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and airflow.

  1. Soak in water
  2. Squeeze out excess water
  3. Immediate cooling

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H2O Technology


Orange, Yellow


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


INUTEQ-H2O® superabsorbent cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment


100% Nylon


100% Nylon fabric

H2O Technology

INUTEQ-H2O® technology offers the highest standard in evaporation cooling at low cost. Our INUTEQ-H2O® products are activated by soaking them in water for 2 minutes. After excess water is gently squeezed out they are ready to wear. Depending on the humidity and airflow, these products will cool you down up to 15ºC / 59ºF below the ambient temperature for up to 8 hours.

All INUTEQ-H2O® evaporative products are machine washable and have antibacterial properties. The INUTEQ-H2O® cooling vests are finished with water-repellent lining to keep the inside dry. The INUTEQ-H2O® products perform best in environments with a low to average degree of humidity. The level of airflow determines the cooling effect.

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