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Fishing Services

Well intervention Fishing Services

Minimizing downtime and resume production

Dosco’s Fishing Services include a vast array of fishing systems and tools available to remove any wellbore obstruction safely and efficiently, which greatly reduces the cost associated with wellbore problems. Dosco’s Fishing Division provides Cased-Hole and Open-Hole services run by experienced supervisors – proven to be among the best in the business.

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Open-hole & Cased-hole Fishing

Pick up drilling operations

Dosco’s Fishing division is set to minimize your deferred production. We’ll send out our specialists to clear any obstructions from your openhole or cased-hole systems while maintaining the integrity of the wellbore.

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Milling & Washover Services

Milling & Washover Services

Milling through stuck pipe and obstructions

Dosco’s Fishing Division has a large inventory of proprietary junk, pilot and section mills used to mill through any stationary or loose obstructions in a well bore. We always find an efficient way of milling to reduce downtime and cost. Having an experienced team of welders, Dosco is able to provide any design of mill or washover shoe.

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Heavy duty fishing magnets

Recover heavy fish

Our skilled fishermen also know how to recover deep or heavy fish by using the right tools for the job. With specialty tools, knowledge and experience of our fishing team can handle even the most challenging fishing operations.

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Well repair services

Restore well integrity

Dosco performs services like squeezing cement, zonal isolation, water shut-off or plug & abandonment services using our field-proven Composite Cement Retainers and Bridge Plugs. With more than 1000 runs worldwide, the fast and easy setting of the plugs makes it one of the most versatile and efficient solutions on the market.

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Impact tools

Get rid of stuck pipe

We expertly maintain and deliver industry leading impact tools. With a complete inventory of jars and intensifiers, we deliver reliable tools with rigid quality standards that keep your operations on track, even in difficult drilling environments.

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