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Well intervention

Well intervention

Well intervention

Securing the continuation of your well

Dosco’s Well Intervention division is a specialised team of highly skilled people that have (almost) seen it all. They apply their intervention expertise to help you establish the integrity of your well so you can retain a productive well. When an intervention is no longer doable, we’ll make sure to provide permanent well integrity through our safe and effective well abandonment services.

Fishing tools from Dosco's Fishing division

Fishing services

Minimizing downtime

Dosco’s Fishing Division has a vast array of fishing systems and tools available to remove any wellbore obstruction safely and efficiently, which greatly reduces the cost associated with wellbore problems.

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Wellbore cleaning services

A clean and completion ready wellbore

Through our partnerships we can offer industry-leading fishing technology for efficient mechanical wellbore cleaning services. We use a series of speciality tools to remove debris from your wellbore, no matter what life cycle the well is in.

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Well abandonment

For when you are permanently leaving

A well eventually will loose its economic life. You then need to abandon that well in a safe, permanent and environmental friendly manner. Dosco uses the best tools on the market to guarantee a permanent abandonment and the least amount of environmental footprint.

Abandon your well responsibly

Need Help?

We have a team of experts ready to answer all of your questions and help you get what you need.

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Casing Recovery & Repair

Restore well integrity and isolate problem zones

Our casing recovery and repair services help you fix problem zones and restore the integrity of your well without raising your budget too much.

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