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Casing Recovery & Repair

Well intervention Casing Recovery & Repair

Zonal isolation

Isolate problem zones

When a damage is encountered, we squeeze cement into the damage to restore isolation. But we also have alternative solutions to restore the integrity of your well by placing a cement plug, mechanical packer or plug to isolate the damaged zone.

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Casing repair

Restore integrity with a patch

To restore tubular integrity permanently we deploy a patch that is run through the tubular and across the damaged zone. The patch is able to repair collar and casing leaks. A casing patch provides a long-lasting solution instead of a temporary fix such as cement squeezing. Other solutions might be cementing the casing in place or inflating the casing to create a complete seal.

Cut & reconnect

Cut off the damaged casing

When the well is not cemented, cut off the damaged casing and leave a stub to be re-connected to a new casing string.