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Well abandonment

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Well abandonment

Restoring your well integrity

A well eventually will loose its economic life. You then need to abandon that well in a safe, permanent and environmental friendly manner. Dosco’s uses the best tools on the market to guarantee a permanent abandonment and the least amount of environmental footprint. Our specialist make use of Cementing retainers or composite bridge plugs for the final abandonment.

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Composite Cement Retainers

Remedial cementing or zone abandonment

Our Magnum Series™ Cement Retainer utilizes a built-in sliding sleeve assembly for remedial cementing or zone abandonment. The sliding sleeve is operated by a stinger assembly from the surface. Because of its low metallic content, the Magnum Series™ Cement Retainer is quickly milled and circulated back to surface using conventional milling, drilling with a rig and tubing or with coiled tubing.

Composite Bridge Plugs

A multi-configuration plug

Our Magnum Series™ Composite Bridge Plug is a multi-configuration plug used to temporarily isolate multi-stage vertical or horizontal completion operations. The base model of the Magnum Series™ is a ball drop configuration. Comprised of proprietary composite material and having a low metallic content, the Magnum Series™ can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface.

The Bridge Plug, or “Kill Plug,” has “top venting” ability, which allows for upper and lower equalisations during drill out.