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Fluid Loss Control

Drilling Fluid Loss Control

Save costs by preventing Fluid Loss effectively

The loss of circulation on drilling operations is a problem that causes a range of challenges that can result in NPT and potentially also force operators to abandon expensive equipment downhole. Drilling induced losses or destabilised drilled formations will raise operational costs and can also determine the success or failure of a project. This can require unplanned technical efforts and break budgets.

The Drilchem product line, supplied by Dosco, has been specifically designed for the treatment of drilling fluids to manage these challenges in an efficient way. Where problems have already taken place, we have products and technical solutions to quickly remedy the situation and put drilling schedules back on track. Where these challenges have been identified and analyzed in planning, our team can provide strategies that will reduce the risks thus avoiding any costly delays or deviations to the planned drilling program.

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Specialized LCM Products

Innovating to reduce costs

As the official distributor of Drilchem LCM products we offer operators the advantage of technical expertise and years of R&D into all phases of drilling operations from the challenges on poorly consolidated top-hole sections to the varying pressure regimes in reservoir drilling.

Engineered with special organic fiber technology, Drilchem’s range of LCM products have proven to square the circle on a range of drilling challenges related to the integrity of formations and the loss of circulation.

Environmental friendly

Non-damaging to producing formations

Drilchem have developed a range of products that are eco-friendly and non-damaging to producing formations.

Drilchem Fracseal - Environmental friendly fluid loss