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Dosco partners with Innovar Solutions from Norway

Dosco partners with Innovar Solutions


Dosco partners with Innovar Solutions

We are proud to announce that we have signed a new partnership agreement with Innovar Solutions in Norway. After meeting with a representative of the company last year we both felt that a coorporation would be benefitial for both parties. Dosco is confident that this new partnership agreement will be a great step forward to be able to offer the best possible tools available.

Innovar Solutions

Innovative Solutions for Fishing and Wellbore Cleaning

Innovar Solutions design, manufacture and apply new smart tools for drilling and completion operations. Innovar provides a significant amount of fishing and wellbore cleaning equipment. Innovar was established by Karluf Hagen in 2000 with some ideas for new and improved products for the oil industry. To be able to meet customer demand, growth and organisationale challenges, all activity moved to Innovar Solutions AS.

For more information about Innovar Solutions and their innovative products we refer you to their website.