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The REACTv Sub is a Stabilized Accentuated Reamer (STAR) and unique to Geopro. Once circulation threshold is reached the bladed sleeve rotates clockwise. It is the only drill string component that provides stabilization and reaming capabilities while delivering the benefits of a a shock sub, agitator and eliminating destructive drill string harmonics.

It also has the added benefit for stuck pipe prevention, improves hole cleaning and borehole quality, reduces hole rugosity and dependence on excessive reaming, backreaming or wiper trips. The REACTv Sub is a hydraulically powered in-situ stabilier/reamer that offers all the previous benefits as well as better weight transfer to and through the drill string to the bit, lower drilling torque, smoother boreholes and lower side forces when drilling directionally.

REACTv Sub inside

The REACTv Sub generates localised torque from the motorised power section through the reamer housing against the borehole. Typically the REACTv Sub is powered by a 1.5 – 2.2 stage inverted motor power section. The blades come standard with forced balanced cutters which aslo provide back reaming capabilities.

The REACTv Sub is available with integral blade and sleeve type stabilzer / reamer blades and for 3 ½” to 17 ½” hole sizes. It can also be configured with bi-centric offset housing and capable of up to 190 rpm depending on tool size.

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Features of REACTv Sub

  • Hydraulically actuated
  • Excellent borehole quality
  • Nutation ensures lower drill string frictional losses
  • Capable of preventing or eliminating the occurrence of stuck pipe incidents

Benefits of REACTv Sub

  • Reduced or elimination of hole rugosity
  • Elimination / reduction in drill string destructive harmonics
  • Better weight transfer to bit
  • Lower drilling torque
  • Enhances hole cleaning

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