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GeoGlider XTREME

GeoGLIDER XTREME - Low Friction Centralizer

GeoGLIDER XTREME – Low Friction Centralizer

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME centralizer is a low friction centralizer irrespective of the material it is made of. It can be manufactured out of aluminium or zinc alloy, steel or composite. Metal variants are made by casting and can be coated with PTFE to further reduce initial frictional losses during deployment. The composite is injection molded and further coated with PTFE and coupled with the much reduced contact area and offset touch points, the result is exceptionally low frictional losses in the wellbore.

Touch points are 120° off each other and off-centre along the axis of the centralizer. Each of the three blades are skewed at <45° and the leading edges at the top and bottom are chamfered into the body of the tool to ensure smooth transfer of forces as the blades encounter any restriction or make contact with the wellbore. The skewed blades provide a 360° wrap around circumferentially without any loss of stand-off compared to the industry standard solid body designs.

The GeoGLIDER™ XTREME has a maximum contact area of 4.86in2 and in some cases as small as 3in2. Standard solid body designs have between 25in2 and 35in2 of contact area inherent in the design. Even with the same material, the GeoGLIDER™XTREME create much lower frictional losses generated by standard solid body designs. In wells drilled in the Murmansk Region of Russia the GeoGLIDER™XTREME Lite thermoplastic recorded friction factors as low as 0.05 for 7” casing long string across the openhole section.

The offset touch points feature result in smaller OD with much improved flow-by area (generally 8% higher than standard solid body centralizers). This offset touch point feature also makes it easier to work the tubular string through tight spots and restrictions when tripping in or out of hole while reducing the potential of packing the hole with debris or cuttings.

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Features of GeoGLIDER XTREME

  • Offset touch contact points
  • Smaller hydraulic diameter
  • Smaller cross sectional area
  • Stand-off uncompromised
  • Total contact area < 5 in2
  • Less than 20% the contact area of industry standard centralizers
  • Lower area susceptible to surface roughness
  • No sharp edges on blades or leading edge

Benefits of GeoGLIDER XTREME

  • Easier to work through tight spots or borehole restrictions
  • Lower ECDs when displacing fluids
  • Much lower frictional losses.
  • Friction factors as low as 0.05 have been achieved consistently in the field in open hole with proper string design
  • Average friction factor of+/- 0.15 is normal with a maximum of+/- 0.2 seen in strings with poor centralization
  • Available in sizes up to 20″ casing on request

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