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Fixedblade® Stabilizer

The Fixedblade Stabilizer by ED-Projects

Tool profile

The Fixedblade has a unique profile and Monoblade orientation that enhances BHA and drillstring stabilization by reducing torque, drag and torsional vibration.

Hydrodynamic Flutes

The Fixedblade has an enhanced hole cleaning ability that minimizes pack off tendency and subsequent risk of swab and surge when tripping.

Fixedblade Stabilizer

The Fixedblade stabilizer was designed to address the known issues while using conventional blade stabilizers. With its enhanced hydrodynamic design it improves downhole drilling efficiency. It is ideal for drilling in vertical or deviated wells where drilling gauges are clearly established.

The Fixedblade was designed to address the known shortcomings of conventional blade stabilizers. Due to the enhanced hydrodynamic shape, which was created using industry standard computational fluid dynamic modelling, serves to reduce clay balling whilst increasing the overall drilling efficiency.

The unique profile and blade orientation improves BHA stabilisation by reducing torque, drag and torsional vibration, all key causes of borehole enlargement and subsequent BHA component failure. The Fixedblade stabilizers replaces the conventional stabilizers and can be used in any drilling application.

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Features of Fixedblade stabilizer

  • Dome-shaped low friction blades
  • 6 points of contact (with the 6″
  • 8 1/2″ & 12 1/4″ hole sizes)
  • 8 point of contact (with the 17 1/4″ hole size)
  • Flow profile with optimised hydrodynamics

Benefits of Fixedblade

  • Reduced torque and drag
  • Improved weight transfer & tool face control when slide drilling
  • BHA vibration dampening
  • Increased stability
  • Resistance to balling up & packing off
  • Reduced risk of swab & surge
  • Minimised damage to mud cake while drilling & tripping

Fixedblade Blades

The six blade orientation and smooth dome profile have three key benefits

Sideview of the Fixedblade Stabilizer

Improved weight transfer when slide drilling minimises hanging up, motor stalls and subsequent loss of tool face as well as the onset of excessive stick/slip in rotary mode.

The balanced front and back wellbore contact points improves stabilisation by reducing friction and dampening drillstring harmonics.

The hydrodynamic design enhances hole cleaning performance whilst optimizing vibration mitigation at source.

Hydrodynamic design

The enhanced hole cleaning ability aids ECD management by limiting pack off tendency which reduces borehole erosion when tripping and backreaming. Better drill fluid displacement reduces the risk of swab and surge in comparison to conventional blade stabilisers – a key cause of wellbore instability.