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Dynomax Slide Reamers

Dynomax Slide Reamer Section

Dynomax Slide Reamers

Traditionally, drilling, conditioning and reaming were separate phases of a drilling project. Dynomax Slide Reamers integrates these phases seamlessly. The cutting structure on the Dynomax Slide Reamer is designed to maintain 360 degrees wall contact. The cutters rotate independently throughout the movement, reducing rotary torque and drag by up to 20% (when compared to running a drill string without a slide reamer).

Dynomax Slide Reamers can be attached to the drill string for multiple drilling applications and can be used for vertical, directional and horizontal holes eliminating drift or deviation in well bore applications.

Benefits of Dynomax Slide Reamers

  • Integral blade cutters providing 360 degree wall contact
  • Cutters turn with each movement of drill string (Rotating, Sliding and Tripping)
  • Allows optimal fluid passage
  • More cutting surface area than traditional roller reamers
  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Designed to minimize failures at high stress points
  • Two tools in one. Many different variations can be run on the same tool
  • Sealed Bearing design

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