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Dynomax Shock Tools

Dynomax Shock Tool Section

Dynomax Shock Tools

Dynomax Shock Tools are used to reduce bit bounce and increases rate of penetration and bit life under the toughest drilling conditions. Shock Subs are designed for a wide range of drilling environments and extreme conditions. Shock Subs improve the life and durability of your drill string assembly, improving online efficiency and operating costs.

The Shock Tools are designed for easy assembly and easy service and can be combined into drill strings with other downhole tools quickly, reducing service time and costs. The Shock Tools are mainly recommended to be used when drilling with roller cones rock bits in hard formations.

Specifically for the surface section where these axial vibrations can be transmitted up to the surface with destructive impact on the surface equipment, especially on the top drive.

Features of Dynomax Shock Tools

  • Significant vibration absorption
  • Reduction of drill string harmonics
  • Smoother and faster drilling downhole
  • Longer bit life
  • Protect instruments and body connections
  • Increased Tool bearing life

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