Dynomax Regulator

Drilling applications are becoming more challenging with deeper, longer and more complex wells being drilled faster than ever before. One of the most common challenges is keeping the hole clean while drilling which is achieved with higher flow rates. These flow rates are limited by the power sections on the motors and quite often lead to premature failure due to over pumping.

The Dynomax Regulator is designed to continually regulate the flow rate through the motor to a pre-set limit. The extra fluid needed to help clean the hole is bypassed to the annulus for increased hole cleaning. The Regulator employs a variable size exit orifice to actively moderate the flow that goes through the motor continuously – extra fluid is vented out the side. The exit orifice is controlled by a valve that measures the flow entering the motor.

When a motor over-spins as it is brought off-bottom, the exit orifices will open to let more fluid out the side and save the motor from being damaged. The valve mechanism responds in milliseconds so that flow to the motor is always regulated.

Benefits of the Dynomax Regulator

  • Reduce stator failures due to over pumping
  • Utilize optimal performance of the power section in motors
  • Reduce washing out of components in the motor
  • No need to drop balls or darts for activation
  • Motor stalls are still visible at surface
  • Applicable not only conventional drilling, but also coil tubing, and completion operations
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