Drilling tools

Drilling tools

Drill safely with an efficient BHA

Design and build the most effective bottomhole assembly with the extensive line of drilling tools Dosco is able to offer. All of our tools are expertly maintained and inspected to the highest standards. Drill safely and reach your depth efficiently with our advanced drilling tools.

Drilling motors

Optimal performance with durable and consistent motors

Our Dynomax Mud Motors are proven to operate in extreme drilling conditions, increase the rate of penetration and reduce drilling times.

Dynomax Mud Motor
Dynomax Shock tools

Shock tools

Increase penetration and bit life

Reduce bit bounce and increase the rate of penetration and bit life under the toughest drilling conditions. With Shock tools you improve the life and durability of your drill string assembly.

Stall prevention

Keep going when others stall

Placed right above the drilling bit, the Anti Stall Tool controls all weight and torque sent to the bit. The AST takes over all parameters peaks by maintaining them at optimized rates preventing stalling and accumulations of excess torsional energy in the drill string.

Tomax Anti Stall Tool

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Slide Reamers

Maintain 360 degrees of wall contact to reduce rotary torque

Traditionally, drilling, conditioning and reaming were separate phases of a drilling project. The Dynomax Slide Reamer integrates these phases seamlessly. The cutting structure on the slide reamer is designed to maintain 360 degrees wall contact.


Regain control over flow rates

With deeper, longer and more complex wells being drilled faster than ever before. Keeping the hole clean while drilling, which is achieved with higher flow rates is one of these challenges.

PBL Bypass System

Increase BHA circulating rates

A simple but reliable tool enabling increased BHA circulating rates and the Total Flow Area when required.


Bottomhole assembly stabilization

Extremely effective bottomhole stabilizers that reduce drillstring torque and drag in hard or abrasive formations.