Pressure Control

Pressure control equipment used to improve the safety and drilling performance

Pressure control

Controlling the pressure and safety of your well

Today’s drilling conditions can be tough and require you to go deeper than ever before. Going deeper and deeper also means more pressure. Having quality pressure control equipment to keeping those pressures in control is must.

At Dosco we can offer a full line of premium pressure control solutions to manage the rising pressure of your well. All our Associated Equipment meets with all current API 6A, API 16A, API 16C, API 16D and NACE MR01 – 75 requirements and customer specifications.

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Pressure Control, BOP Control Systems

BOP Control Systems

Open & Close Blowout Preventers

To have a unit that stores and provides hydraulic fluid under pressure to open and close blowout preventers quickly and reliably is critical. Our pressure control professionals will make sure the configuration of the control units will fit the conditions of your well to give you the safest results.

Annular BOPs

Control wellbore pressure

The Annular Blowout Preventer is a well control device, usually installed above the ram preventers, that forms a seal in the annular space between the pipe and wellbore or, if no pipe is present, over the wellbore itself.

RAM-Type BOP 's in stock for pressure control services


Control wellbore pressure

RAM-Type Blowout Preventers uses rams to seal off pressure on a hole that is with or without pipe. It is also called a ram preventer. Ram-type preventers have interchangeable ram blocks to accommodate different O.D. drill pipe, casing, or tubing.

Manifolds (Choke & Kill)

Improve pressure and flow control

The arrangement of piping and special valves, called chokes, through which drilling mud is circulated when the blowout preventers are closed to control the pressures encountered during a kick.
Drilling Manifolds

Associated equipment

We have a big variety of Drilling Spools, DSA’s, DFA’s, Risers, Adaptor Spools, Hoses etc. in order to connect all different sizes and pressure ratings of Pressure Control equipment.

Pressure testing

Certified testing for well-safety

Our workshop is equipped with pressure testing facilities to offer premium pressure testing service to meet and exceed the highest standards. We have the capacity to do pressure tests for oilfield equipment used in Workover and Drilling activity.