Floating Equipment

Non Rotating Float Collar

Non Rotating

Float Collar (Single/Double Valve)

The Non-rotating Float Collar is attached one, two or three casing joints above to the end of the casing string and is used to stop slurry from flowing back. The material inside of the float collar is easily drillable. The anti-rotation mechanism on the top improves drill-out performance. The valve consists of rubber and polymer materials with high tensile strength.

Conventional Float Collar


Float Collar (Single/Double Valve)

The conventional Float collar is supplied with a plunger valve, which is a non metallic valve encased and held in place with a high pressure cement mixture. This design ensures that the valve has a maximum circulation rate in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells. The float collars are made with seamless casing grade steel.

Guided Shoe

Guide Shoe

The internal components of the Guide Shoes are fully PDC drillable and have an internal taper on the bottom. This ensures a trouble-free entry of drilling tools back into the casing string after a drill out or during drilling operations. Guide Shoe’s reduce problems associated with hitting rock ledges resulting in sidewell cave-ins.

Reamer Shoe

Reamer Shoe

The Reamer Shoe is designed with a blade cutting structure and diamond shaped faces to give casing and liners a safe passage. It facilitates rotating and reciprocating applications. Reamer Shoe’s effectively guides around ledges, swelling shale, mud cake build-up on porous formations, or sand bridges occurring in the wellbore.

Float Shoe


Float Shoe (Single/Double Valve)

Float Shoes are supplied with a plunger valve and its design ensures positive sealing in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells. The Float Shoe is made from seamless casing grade steel and can be supplied in all grades of steel like K-55, L-80, N-80, C-95, T-95 and P-110.

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