Casing Accessories

Casing accessories

High quality and cost effective

Through our partnership with Crimson Oilfield Services, we are able to deliver an extensive range of quality Cementing & Casing Accessories.

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Bow Spring & Solid Body

We are able to deliver both Bow Spring Centralizers as well as Solid Body Centralizers and Spirolizers to keep your casing, liner or tool string in the center of the wellbore, tubing or casing.

Stop Collars

Stop Collars

Directly installed on the pipe

Dosco is able to supply a wide range of Stop Collars options to suit any centralizer application. Keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing. We are able to deliver both Hinged and Slip-on Stop Collar styles.

Floating Equipment

Stop slurry from flowing back

We are able to deliver conventional Float Shoe’s (Single/Double Valve), Reamer Shoe’s, Guide Shoe’s, conventional Float Collars and Non Rotating Float Collars. Floating equipment is used to make sure slurry is stopped from flowing back.

Floating Equipment

Cementing Plugs

Separate cement slurry

Designed to reduce contamination and maintaining predictable slurry performance by separating cement slurry from other fluids.

Cementing Stage Tool

For stage cementing

The hydraulic and mechanical stage tool collars have been designed for stage cementing applications where conventional cementing can lead to overload of the fracture gradient or when pumping time exceeds the cement slurry thickness time.