Quality tools for optimal drilling performance

Our drilling tools and services are there to help you design and build your optimal bottom hole assembly for a fine producing wellbore. We have an extensive line of drilling tools available that are expertly maintained and inspected. In combination with our team of experts we are able to handle any request.

Hammer services

Installing conductor casing

We work with Hydrohammer Technology to hammer in the very first casing. We have installed conductor casing for more than 1000 wells in Romania, onshore and offshore.

Dosco Petroservices Hammer Services
Minimize fluid loss with Fracseal and Stoploss

Fluid Loss Control

Save costs by preventing Fluid Loss effectively

The loss of circulation on drilling operations is a problem that causes a range of challenges that can result in NPT and potentially also force operators to abandon expensive equipment downhole. Drilling induced losses or destabilised drilled formations will raise operational costs and can also determine the success or failure of a project.

Rental Tools & Services

High quality equipment

Our rental tools are certified up to the latest standards to reduce the probability of errors. Our team of experts will handle any request and are able to deliver any drilling or workover technology quickly and safely to your wellsite.

Pressure Control Equipment

Pressure Control

Improve safety and drilling performance

Today’s drilling conditions can be tough and require you to go deeper than ever before. Going deeper and deeper also means more pressure. Having quality pressure control equipment to keeping those pressures in control is must.